Friday, May 11, 2012

Art Alive Information - By Anamei

Hi there. Can you guess what we are focusing on this term? We are focusing on Art Alive. Basically you can call it Art but here we call it Art Alive. We have been watching Art movies on our class site.

There arę some amazing things people can use their brain for. They can use their brain and paint on the concrete and they can make it look like its 3D. They are professionals at painting! They can also use spray paint or you can use paint but I would really like to think outside the box and create something no one else has created!
But for me as a kid I could never do that. Only if I were patient and had a good hand to draw with. And if I had the time to do that but for me I am a busy person! I have Maths, Reading, Topic and Writing. Art is all about patients and focus. I love to paint but I just don't know how too. I'ld love to chat but I have to go. Bye and I hope you enjoyed my story!

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  1. Hi Anamei,
    I liked your post your pictures looked cool and you are a busy person and you are talented you just need time
    From Ashlee


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