Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art Alive - By Asena

This term we are learning about art alive and I was so excited to hear that we are learning about art. I think that art is going to be so much fun and it will get me very interested in it. This week we are learning about Picasso.

Picasso is all about drawing the profile of your face and then drawing the front of the face together. Looking at all the pictures that was done like Picasso, it looked very funny. Everyone in our class got to pick one pop star or a singer and sketch it like Picasso.

I picked Nicki Minaj because she looked a little bit easy to draw. Starting off with the profile was a little hard to do but I was getting use to it. When it was finished it looked a bit weird but I had to stick with it.

Drawing the front was easy for me. Her hair was very straight and it was easy to draw. Finishing off with the eyes it looked funny and weird!

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