Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson Trip - By Jayden

On Tuesday we got to see the famous Dr Ben Carson. He is one of the best Doctors in the world.

At 10am we had our morning tea then we hoped onto the bus to go to the Telstraclear Events Center in Manukau. After a long trip we finally got there. We got off the bus and sat down then we went into the stadium to find our seats. I got to sit right at the top with the best view. Everything looked so small!

Then on the stage came a man and he was saying that we should all read. There was a time that he went to the library and he wanted a book but a girl had it. When she turned around he had nothing to say because she was so good looking! He said that she had long black hair, big brown eyes and big fat lips!

He finally asked Ben Carson to come and talk. Everyone was cheering. He was telling us all about his life. He used to be the dumbest in his class. One time he nearly killed someone when he threw a rock at a boy and nearly made his eye come out. But there was another time when a teacher came into the class and said, "What's this kind of rock called?" No one knew. Only Ben Carson had his hand up because he knew. He answered obsidian. And he was right!

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