Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Tour Like No Other - By Jay'Lee

In 1981 the springboks tour of NZ was like no other. The protesters were determined to stop South Africa from having the tour. But then I found out that South Africa was invited to New Zealand by the government for the tour and I was surprised. Rugby fans all over New Zealand filled stadiums with people cheering for the team. Both countries were all passionate about rugby and had many memorable matches between these two countries. New Zealand said that if the Springboks continued the tour then they were agreeing with apartheid, which means apartness. New Zealand's Prime Minster back then was Robert Muldoon and he strongly believed that politics should stay well away from sport and thousands of other kiwis agreed as well.


  1. That is a very factual story, I really enjoyed your story.

  2. Hello Jay-lee,

    I was very impressed with that informational and cool story of yours. I liked the way that was planned and then published for people like me to see. I'm doing one with a bunch of girls in my class. But you, well, Sprinbok Tour is pretty hard to write about, but you have made my day. GREAT JOB!

  3. Great work Room 16
    you've had done a fabulous work on your drawing
    great work guys use are the best

  4. Hi jay'lee
    Nice work that was a very good piece of writing. I didn't know that there was a springbok tour in NZ in 1981. nice work


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